BomberTech came out of no where with a solid lineup of a couple of attys and a mod. The company has some fresh solid thinking and innovation. The Pindad is a rather tiny atty packed with features that make it a refreshing new entry in the RDTA category. Let’s get into it….

Pindad SS Driptank Canada Flavour Chaser ReviewDesign and engineering seems to be a strong point at Bombertech, a company run by two brothers. The overall aesthetic of the Pindad is pretty understated and somewhat industrial looking thanks to the hard chiseled lines. The branding is understated and tasteful. The overall size is rather compact and it feels more like a dripper (RDA) than a RDTA. Inside is where things shine and get interesting. There is a tab system to lock the top cap in place to stop it from spinning (we have seen this on other attys), and in combination with this there is an AFC with stops. The design features don’t stop here, there is also a push down valve system in the centre of the atty to fill the lower tank. This is some very original design thinking, it works well as long as you use a unicorn bottle or a needle nose bottle (droppers won’t work well here). And still it goes further, the Pindad is also squonk/bf ready (included pin), and Bombertech has thought about single coil lovers and included an insert to block off the juice channels on one side (we wish there was a chamber reducer as part of this). The whole atty also disassembles for easy cleaning and building. Similar to the Limitless RDTA, you set your wicks with the tank section off and then place it over top for a perfect wick placement every time. In the end Bombertech has put some serious thought into the Pindad and packed it with plenty of useful features (some theirs and some borrowed, but beautifully curated) to make it a bit of a marvel really.

Flavour is quite good, it’s best with dual coil. If there was that chamber reducer we mentioned the single build might be just as good. If you like an airy vape you may dig the single coil. The Pindad loves clapton coils, again it’s a small package but it has a surprisingly spacious vapor chamber. You can fit a nice set of 2.5 mm claptons and get a warm, flavourful vape.

Pindad SS Driptank Canada Flavour Chaser ReviewAirflow is rather smooth, the locking stops at the extreme of each setting is quickly becoming a must have in any atty. There are two inner AFC rings to choose from (included), one for dual coil and the other for single. The system is easy to use and again has great design thinking that works well. We like our AFC about half open with our preferred build, this creates more intense flavour. One minor issue is because the top cap is locked down by its tab system, when adjust the AFC the more you close it the less direct the airflow is on the coils. This doesn’t effect performance (and we enjoy better flavour with it closed down). The design details continue to impress us, the o-ring tolerances and resistance on the AFC adjustment are perfect. We love that you simply twist the whole top cap to adjust your AFC. We also use the 510 drip tip adapter with a narrow bore drip tip, the chuff style cap just doesn’t provide the flavour quality we are looking for.

Pindad SS Driptank Canada Flavour Chaser ReviewBuilding is easy, usually a condensed little atty can be a pain in the ass, not so with the Pindad. The Velocity style posts and the removable tank section make setting your coils and wicks a quick painless task. The threading is smooth and getting the mid section off and on is easy for the most part, we have had a time or two where we had to fidget a little but it’s a trade off for the overall condensed size that we can live with. Our fav build is a dual 6 wrap, 2.5mm, 28×2/32 fused clapton, at 0.3 Ohms and run 40-45W. Cut your wicks to just pop out past the bottom of the build deck into the tank section for best wicking performance. This is a warm, dense vape. The Pindad is a balancing act between a Cloud Chucker and a Flavourchaser. You get plenty of vapor with a build like this, but the flavour is rich.

Capacity is the biggest possible con. Bombertech was smart to call this a ‘Driptank’ because that is exactly what it is. Think of the Pindad as a Dripper with a small juice reservoir. The flavour and performance is very much like an RDA. With our build we fill quite a bit, basically carrying a bottle of juice around like we would with an RDA. The good news is you can fill it in seconds with a simple push down on the fill valve in the centre of the atty. Squonking is a good solve for this too, switch out the 510 pin for the BF pin and use your favourite squonk mod to refill the reservoir. If you are like us and more interested in the flavour performance than the juice capacity, it won’t be an issue.

The Bombertech Pindad is a seriously great first entry into the market. This company is putting some serious thought and curation of ideas into their products. We have a feeling that this is only the beginning for this new little company. The Pindad should make a wider audience of vapers really happy. It comes in a couple different colourways and can be set for down right clouds bro clouds or as a pretty serious flavourchaser. The best part is the price, it’s fair and there is a lot you get with it. Keep an eye on these guys, we sure will.

Ratings BomberTech Pindad SS Driptank Canada Flavour Chasers


– Industrial Aesthetic
– Tons of Innovation
– Condensed Vape
– Super Compact Tank
– Really Good Flavour
– Great Vapor Production
– Smooth Airflow
– Lock Stops on AFC & Top Cap
– Gold Plated Velocity Deck (Easy to Build)
– Great Fit & Finish
– Single & Dual Builds
– Great Wicking
– Easy Fill Method (Unicorn Bottles are Best)
– 3 Colourways (Stainless, Black, Stainless/Ultem)
– 510 Drip Tip Adapter
– BF (Sqonking) Enabled
– Plenty of Spares
– Great Packaging

– Small Juice Capacity (subjective)
– No Chamber Reducer for Single Builds (subjective)

Max Draw: Open Lung Hit
Buy: $50 (USD) Bombertech
Website: Bombertech


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