Making Vaporizers Personal
We are a team of engineers and designers brought together by the Advanced Personal Vaporizer industry. Our goal is to use our expertise in designing with all types of materials to make personal vaporizer to become a lifestyle product that are easy to use, long lasting, good looking and ergonomically friendly for an all day vape usage. We bring together the best of the technology combined that would give you the product needed for you to get the maximum vape.

We build coils daily, we vape daily, we see what is good and what is not, we sell, we hear the customers good feedbacks and their complaints, and we build up on it, to make the best product we can do at that era of time. Without reinventing the perfect wheel, innovation is what we strive upon, on every single product we put out.

Simplicity & Vapability
We believe the products we design should feel good to use every day, the simplest design usually works best, and we think simple looks good. Simplifying complexity however, is not an easy task. Making it work for us to be vapable, and easy to use on a daily basis, is a task we must combine from the best engineered vape products in the market. And we strive to find different ways to make it better, to later inspire the next engineer to improve it better, to shape the vaping industry as a whole. We see that we still have a long journey ahead to make it work 100%.

While getting the best pricing costs to reduce costs, to make it affordable, while making it last long for the average user. We believe that you don’t need to have a high priced product to get a good vape. Doesn’t mean that we will sacrifice on quality tho. We make the best that any money can buy.

High End Products (coming soon)
We design our high end products to make efficient use of materials and resources. We go all out searching for the best materials for you. We believe in making products that last a really long time, even though if that means raising the costs, but for the best results for you.