PINDAD RDTA DRIPTANK REVIEW by Deuces Jack Vaping Insider


The Bombertech Pindad RDTA comes nicely packaged in a cylinder-type enclosure. The packaging almost looks like a hockey puck. Everything is packed in nice and tight so you should have no problem with this tank traveling after you order it. Unscrew the top of the packaging and you will find a beautiful tiny little RDTA. At first glance, the Pindad is surprisingly small. I really couldn’t believe the size of it the first time I held it in my hand. I have most of the popular RDTA’s on the market and I have never seen one this small. It does come super clean out of the box with no oily residue at all. One wash and one rinse is all you will need to get this RDTA pushing clouds.


  • Pindad RDTA
  • 2mm flathead screwdriver (for the post screw)
  • 3mm flathead screwdriver (to change 510 pins
  • Squonk Pin LP (Re-engineered Squonk Pin)
  • Green or Red rubber replacement o-rings
  • 2x medium sized o-rings
  • 4x screws

Bombertech Pindad RDTA Review


The first thing that stands out to you when you look at the Pindad RDA is the chuff cap. For me, it is a total fail. I do like the shape and the way that it feels when vaping but it really needed to be longer and thicker. It is really hard to chain vape this RDTA with this particular cap. It does get hot while chain vaping even after just a few pulls. This is easily remedied with the 510 adapter but it is something that Bombertech should have caught when they were beta testing this product. The plastic threading on the inside of the top cap is a pretty big con as well. Threading like this will eventually strip and they should have included a metal piece for the interior. If they would have spent the extra few pennies on metal threading, it would have definitely made a world of difference.

I do like the Dual AFC ring and I think it is fantastic. The airflow is extremely smooth and the adjustability is just as smooth with a wide range of airflow options. Run this RDTA wide open and it’s right on top of the coil but when you close down the airflow, especially for a tight draw, the airflow, unfortunately, only hits the corner of the coils. It’s not that big of a deal because the chamber is very small but I am sure it robs some of the flavor when you run the tank like this. The Pindad does come with a single coil AFC ring for those that like to run their RDTA’s in single coil mode.

Bombertech Pindad RDTA Review

Working all the way down this RDTA, we come to the sleeve. The sleeve and top cap combine via the plastic threading. They do make an extremely conical design together. The sleeve does have a notch system and it does do a great job of keeping it in place. However, the notch system on the sleeve is what hinders your ability to center the airflow when you are cutting it down. I would have rather have had the ability to be able to center my AFC slot after I closed it down a bit. It’s not that big of a deal but I do think it does hinder the flavor and I felt I really had to mention it.

The base of the Pindad does have some branding on it. The 510 pin is removable and you can replace it with an included squonk pin. Both pins are gold plated and the squonking pin does work particularly well. Threading on the housing of the 510 pin is very smooth and so far, the drip tank has sat flush on all of my mods even when squonking. Having a squonk pin on such a tiny RDTA definitely makes up for the capacity of this tank. It is a phenomenal option that I’m sure a lot of squonkers will enjoy. I love it and I think it’s borderline genius. The shaft that goes down from the bottom of the deck to the 510 pin is also a little engineering marvel. You can fill the tank from the top through the valve or you can install the squonking pin and have a bottom feeder RDTA. In both modes, the Pindad vapes great.


The ring that goes around the deck does have two nice beefy o’rings that do a very good job of keeping the sleeve in place. Unfortunately, the tank part is made of polycarbonate plastic. Kind of disappointed in the decision to go with this type of material but when I spoke to Bombertech about it, they told me had they gone with glass it would have knocked the capacity down to 1 ml. Hopefully, in the future, they come out with a 25 or 30 mm version of this same exact tank. That would just be a phenomenal RDTA.

This is a very important note that I felt I had to include in this review. When you all are reassembling this tank, it is absolutely imperative that you screw the base on first. If you do not, you will get leaks on this tank. The base needs to go on first so that it is able to create a seal. Do this and I promise you, your Pindad Driptank will not leak.


This RDTA has a gold plated velocity style deck but it has a little twist to it. In between the post is where you will find the fill port. It has a push-down valve system that fills the tank through a shaft that also houses the 510 pin. It’s pretty unique and innovative. We have seen other tanks do this but in all honesty, Bombertech is the first that I’ve seen do this and all the others kind of copied their design. Some have done it without the valve and some have used the valve. The Augvape Merlin RDTA comes to mind as a cheap copy of this design.

Bombertech Pindad RDTA Review

Because of the size of this tank, the post holes on the deck are not exactly huge but that’s to be expected because of its demure stature. You will not be able to get monster, flat wire coils in here at all. You’ll be able to run regular Clapton’s without a problem but that’s about as big as it gets. The deck also has a peek insulator and the flat head grub screws are mounted on the sides of the post. Not really a fan of the flat head screws and I would have preferred rub screws to be honest. I do find it difficult for me to get a decent amount of torque when I am mounting my coils. Allen head screws would have definitely been much better.

Bombertech Pindad RDTA Review

The deck also has two pin holes under each coil. What this does is it allows the air to escape when you are filling the tank through the valve or squonking pin. Also included with your purchase is a single coil adapter that blocks off the wick holes from underneath the deck by clipping it onto the post that actually houses the 510 pin. I’ve never seen this type of single coil block before and it does seem to work really well.

Bombertech Pindad Driptank RDTA Review

Overall, I would have to say that the deck is a total win but I do wish it was a little bigger. It is really kind of cramped and it does limit the types of coils you are able to run on the Driptank. If it was bigger, you would be able to get some really nice coils in there and I’m sure the vape quality would improve as well. Bombertech, I know you’re reading this, so let’s make a 25mm or 30mm version happen.


Building and wicking the Pindad RDTA is typical of any RDTA-style tank. You can wick it taking the deck ring off or leaving it on, both ways will work. I try to cut my cotton so it hangs just below the deck and it keeps up fine in the wicking department. I can chain vape the Pindad RDTA and I do not get any dry hits. Because this RDTA only holds 2 ml of juice, it does need to be filled quite frequently when you are not running it in squonk mode. I think the included squonking pin goes extremely well with this type of tank and it serves its purpose when it comes to the capacity of the Pindad RDTA.

Bombertech Pindad RDTA Review


I have no problem going on record right now saying that this is the best flavor RDTA on the market, bar none. Yes, it does have a few minor issues but they pale in comparison to the quality of vape you will get out of your Pindad RDTA. Don’t let its small size fool you, this is a cloud-chucking RDTA. This RDTA can chuck clouds with the best of them and it will smoke every tank on the market today when it comes to flavor. The flavor on this tank is just phenomenal. It is the best I’ve ever had on an RDTA and I have most of the popular ones.

Right now, I am running dual stainless steel Clapton’s ohming out at .25 at 60 watts in TC on my SX Mini Q Mini. The vape I get is dense, lush, thick, flavorful and absolutely next level. If you think that I am gushing about this tank, let me assure you that I am. The tank is that good, just go get one.

The tank gets even better when you run it in squonk mode. While it vapes great no matter which which way you decide to run it, the real way to run this thing is on a squonker. Luckily, I have 2. One for squonking and one for my non-squonking mods. I have put this tank on both squonkers that I own and I have to say that it is just a phenomenal experience. If that doesn’t say it all, I have no idea what does.


  • Bigger, make the same tank bigger
  • Allen head grub screws
  • Find a way to adjust the airflow while keeping the airslot centered
  • Better top cap with a longer incorporated drip tip
  • Metal threading on the top cap interior


I don’t know what else I can say that I haven’t already. I love this tank! It is innovative and unique. I’ve never seen anything like it from the valve system, to the single mode block, to the squonking pin, it is truly a well thought out and designed tank. I love it when companies push the envelope when it comes to innovation like this. Like I said before I would be all in for a 25 or 30 mm version. If Bombertech comes out with a tank like that with a glass section and an improved chuff cap, it will instantly put them on the vaping map. Great job Bombertech, you really nailed it and totally knocked it out of the park. If you are squonker, then this is a must have. Do not walk, run out and get this tank if you squonk. It is really that good. Not that I have to say it but the Bombertech Pindad Driptank RDTA is without a doubt DeucesJack approved!

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