JK Vapor (Thai)

Designed with a lock mechanism to prevent over-turning of the cap when placing it back on to the base. Easily adjust the airflow without even looking at it. With this lock mechanism, another feature it can be used is for attaching or detaching the atomizer from your mod. Eliminate all needs for tools in case if your atomizer gets stuck to your mod from over-tightening.

1) Size 22 mm diameter
2) Velocity style deck
3) One way valve filling system (very innovated)
4) Single and dual coil modes
5) Replacement positive pin for squonk mod (bottom feed)
6) Wide bore top cap with adapter for standard drip tip in the box
7) Lock mechanism for easily adjusting air flow
8) Color: SS, Black, and Ultimate (Ultem)



I’m JK, Thai vape product reviewer and e-liquid mixer.

My channel, “JK Vapor Thailand”, provides information of vaping including:
1) Vape product review
2) Vaping technique
3) E-liquid testing
4) DIY e-liquid mixing
5) DNA setting via Escribe
6) Other basics of vaping
All reviews are described in Thai for Thai users.

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Vape Product Manufacturers:
1) Kendo Vape Cotton (https://goo.gl/fMLUjT)
2) Wotofo (https://goo.gl/33ZRhw)
3) Freemax (https://goo.gl/mzSG2M)
4) Steelvape (https://goo.gl/jSYPwa)
5) Advken (https://goo.gl/sWrhwH)
6) Geekvape (https://goo.gl/sRBFzx)
7) Digiflavor (https://goo.gl/bmPI8M)
8) Coil Master (https://goo.gl/HXzrph)
9) CoilART (https://goo.gl/APwypV)
10) Augvape (https://goo.gl/49DWsG)
11) KangerTech (https://goo.gl/8dkgPZ)
12) EHPRO (https://goo.gl/lJuJ6x)
13) Steam Crave (https://goo.gl/YnEHiI)
14) UWELL (https://goo.gl/GNI1dr)
15) Arctic Dolphin (https://goo.gl/rAs2jk)
16) Bombertech (https://goo.gl/SQiRol)
17) UD Youde Vape (https://goo.gl/6YQMXO) [On process] 18) Footoon (https://goo.gl/ZMSrLB) [On process] 19) asMODus (https://goo.gl/tY6NZ2) [On process] 20) JWell (https://goo.gl/F3YvO1) [On Process] 21) Steam Shark (https://goo.gl/zWucyZ) [On Process] 22) RocVape (https://goo.gl/B2l2kl) [On Process] 23) Vapor Storm (https://goo.gl/4cmKdj) [On Process]

Vape store:
1) GearBest (https://goo.gl/fNsvTO)
2) Heaven Gifts (https://goo.gl/nuadi2)
3) Vape Empire Thailand (https://goo.gl/gBf2bp)

E-liquid manufacturers:
1) Ghost Handicraft Flavors
2) Monster Dessert

### THAI VAPE SHOPS (ร้านอุปกรณ์บุหรี่ไฟฟ้า) ###
1) Awesomevape (https://goo.gl/GaqBi8)
2) Southernvape (https://goo.gl/1lSM4n)
3) Vapescythe (https://goo.gl/WPkqPT)
4) VaporsZone (https://goo.gl/dVaOt6)
5) Thai Vape Shop (https://goo.gl/j1n5P1)
6) Ecigzaa (https://goo.gl/fThMzn)
7) ECEcig (https://goo.gl/vKygpV)
8) ECIG ELM (https://goo.gl/6b0wI6)
9) Ivaporman (https://goo.gl/CxVWIP)

### E-LIQUID INGREDIENT (วัตถุดิบผสมน้ำยา) ###
1) The Juice 777 (Facebook group) หัวกลิ่น นิโคตีน ขวด และอุปกรณ์ต่างๆ
2) Custom Flavor (Facebook group) หัวกลิ่น นิโคตีน ขวด และอุปกรณ์ต่างๆ
3) DIY Thailand (https://goo.gl/fV2qeL) หัวกลิ่น
4) Etoe Ecig (Facebook group) หัวกลิ่น
5) Plastic Dee Dee (https://goo.gl/rqYLnr) ขวด